Wastewater System

The City’s Wastewater System is currently comprised of 19 sewage pump stations, approximately 28 miles of gravity sewer lines, 460 manholes, 5.5 miles of force main sewer lines, and one 0.8 million gallon per day wastewater treatment plant.

Industrial Pretreatment in the City of Willis is currently conducted by the City of Conroe via an interlocal agreement.

Locating Utilities

Requests for Utility locates should be called in at least 3 days prior to commencing work for the installation or repairs of irrigation, water line, sewer line, driveways, fences or any other type of digging to be done to insure the safety of the workers, the general public, and the infrastructure. Contact Texas 811 (DIGTESS) (DIGTESS) at 800-344-8377 and they will notify all utilities to mark their lines accordingly.