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The Mayor and City Council would like to encourage the citizens of Willis to join a board or commission and make your voice heard. Every citizen matters and your time volunteering is greatly appreciated! Please click here to fill out an application about joining the Community Development Corporation, the Economic Development Corporation, the Planning & Zoning Commission or any of our committees.

Willis Recycling Center is Closed
The Willis recycling center located at 405 N. Bell St, is closed, Waste Management offers a service called “WM At Your Door” for Willis residents to dispose of hazardous waste such as used motor oil, old paint cans, used batteries and more. Please click on the link for more information.

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Spotlight on Willis

Willis History
Willis became a community when The Great Northern Railroad decided to run a track from Houston to Chicago, and the Willis brothers donated their land in 1870 to the More 


Interested in learning more about the construction projects in the City of Willis? Check out the Construction update. 

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Do you have used motor oil? Unwanted paint? Used household batteries? Old electronics?
The City of Willis, TX offers a collection service for these household special materials to residents. Additional Info...
Door to door solicitations for water softener company
Recently the City of Willis Public Works Department has received complaints about door to door solicitations for a water softener company which may have left the impression the solicitor was acting on behalf of the City. The City does not endorse Additional Info...