Retail Trade Demograhics

The City of Willis recently partnered with The Retail Coach to help recruit retail to the City of Willis. Please check out our Retail 360 Website to learn more about Willis.

The Retail 360 website has an interactive map feature that allows users to see median age, retail spending potential, median net worth, the average household, median household, population density and tapestry segmentation for our area. These tools are here to help current and new retailers with information as they plan their investments in Willis.

Community Demographics 2015

Primary Retail Trade Area Demographics 2015 - The primary retail area shows you a map of the area of people who travel to Willis to shop on a daily basis.

Primary Retail Trade Area Psychographics 2015 - The psychographics tell a little more about the people in our community in terms of their interests, lifestyle, and history.

Primary Retail Trade Area Opportunity/Gap Analysis 2015

Secondary Retail Trade Area Demographics 2015 - The secondary retail trade area focuses on the population that shops in Willis once or twice a week.

Secondary Retail Trade Area Psychographics 2015